Are Your Tyres in Petersfield Reaching the End of Their Life?

Did you know that flat and worn tyres are two of the most common reasons for a vehicle to break down? When tyres reach the end of their life they will need to be replaced, so that you and other motorists are safe on public roads. The replacement of tyres in Petersfield will also improve road traction and help you to save on fuel costs. Even if you seldom make long road journeys, examining the tyres on your vehicle for wear and tear is essential for preventing tyre problems. Not sure how to spot the tell-tale signs of a problem? Read on.

Checking the Tyre Tread

The tyre tread indicator is there for a reason – to let you know when the tyre needs replacing. All tyres in Petersfield will have indicators on them and when the indicator bars become invisible, you will need to get in touch with someone who can fit new tyres. It’s worth doing the penny test to be absolutely sure that replacements are necessary before spending your money. Simply push a penny into the bars that run perpendicular to the tread direction and if the rubber does not cover at least three quarters of the coin, the current tyres should be changed.

Inspecting the Sidewall for Cracks

It’s easy to perform a visual check for cracks in the sidewall. When grooves can be seen by the naked eye, replacements will be necessary. It’s inevitable that tyres in Petersfield might crack as time progresses, particularly if they are over-inflated, or if you brake and accelerate with force. Sidewall cracks are an indication that air is leaking from the tyre or worse, that it is about to blow completely. Some cracks can be patched up but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t hesitate to hire someone who can perform a replacement. Click here to get more details.

Examining the Tyre for Blisters and Bulges

Blisters and bulges are different to sidewall cracks – they are a sign that the tyres in Petersfield are on the verge of blowing out suddenly. Should this happen when you are travelling at high speeds, a serious road collision might occur and your safety (as well as the safety of other motorists and pedestrians) could be in jeopardy. Pay close attention to weak spots and deal with sudden changes instantly.

Getting your tyres in Petersfield replaced or rotated could extend their life. This summer, Portsmouth Garage Services are offering a free vehicle safety check. Visit for more information.

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