Your Big Truck is Your Livelihood

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Vehicle Repair

Whether you are an independent trucker, or you own an entire fleet of big trucks which run short or long-hauls routes, you expect certain things from commercial vehicle repairs in Bideford. The first thing you expect is that you will receive professional service from skilled automotive technicians. You want repairs done as quickly as possible since every day you are out of service you are losing money. The bottom line is that you want a full-service repair shop and that is what you will get with Nick Sampson. Not only will they provide you will quick and efficient repairs they are here for all your maintenance needs as well.

You Want the Best Maintenance Possible

When your truck runs poorly it can cost you extra money for gas and oil. A well-maintained commercial vehicle stays on the road making you money. What type of maintenance services should you expect from a repair shop in Bideford?

  • Inspections and other required services performed to DVSA specifications
  • Body work and other repairs
  • Steam cleaning services
  • Techs who are versed in the electronics of your truck
  • Tyre replacement and repairs
  • Diagnostics performed by certified technicians
  • Effective drivetrain repairs
  • Accelerator maintenance performed by certified technicians
  • There should be all types of lifts that might be required for inspection, maintenance and repairs in the shop as well as a comfortable atmosphere
  • All tools should be properly maintained

High Quality Parts and Labour

Since your commercial vehicle is not only your money maker but might also be your home on the road, you should expect the highest quality from the shop. Nick Sampson has been in the business since 1987, more than 30 years. You can expect quality parts and labour service from them but experience and a stellar reputation.

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