Business & Commercial Removals in Market Harborough

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Moving and Relocating

If you have outgrown your small business space and are expanding, then consider hiring professional business & commercial removals Market Harborough services. They will take care of all the details, right down to packing the last stapler and make sure your things get to their new home safely and efficiently.

With a professional company to guide you through the moving and removals process, you can ease your stress and trust that your items are in good hands. You can also be assured that your business will be up and running again quickly so that lost production time is kept to a minimum.

In order to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, they will follow these steps:

Initial inspection: A representative will visit your office to get an idea of how much needs to be moved. They will discuss what items they will need to pack vs. what you are going to pack yourself. Once they’ve surveyed your office and know what they need to move (and where) they will draw up an estimate of how much it’s going to cost.

* Checklist: You will be provided with a detailed checklist of everything that needs to be moved and/or packed. This helps everyone stay organized and on task.

 * Floor Plan: It will help tremendously if the representatives have a floor plan of the existing building as well as the new building. That way, they will know exactly which rooms and areas to place the boxes and other items. Of course, it will also help if all boxes and items are labelled.

* Packing: If you are going to require some help with packing, representatives will arrive on moving day and make sure that those items are packed securely and safely.

* Supplies: If you’re going to be packing some items yourself and you need supplies, the company will be able to provide them. Boxes, paper, wrap, tape and labels are available if you need them.

* Moving day: once the big day arrives, everyone should have a clear itinerary of what will be happening. The removal representatives will arrive on time and will either pack first or begin to load boxes and furniture into their truck. Once they arrive at the new location they will place all items where they need to go. Visit here to get more information.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. With a professional company by your side, moving can be made simple, stress-free and even fun!

Pip Ewart Ltd is the leading authorities in the business & commercial removals Market Harborough area.

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