Wheelchair Repair Service

3 Most Important Features of a Good Mobility Scooter

Wheels, parts, seats, and steering controls of mobility scoters are important but unfortunately, their features are not appreciated. When buying a scooter, you need to know the importance of the features so that you can buy the right scooter. Battery Indicator Your battery will determine how long you use the scooter. A good battery should […]

Tips for Choosing Mobility Access Equipment

It feels so good to know that you can finally enjoy your freedom if you have mobility challenges. Mobility access equipment comes in different makes, models and forms. Some example of the equipment includes wheelchairs, scooters, stair lifts, footwears and power chairs. When you consider the endless solutions, it is possible to be confused about […]

Tips for Using Your Mobility Access Equipment in Bridgwater Safely When Traveling

Summer is coming, and many people are already making travel plans. Just because you use the mobility access equipment in Bridgwater doesn’t mean that you can avoid the safety tips that go along with that independence and mobility. With that in mind, read on below for some safety tips for traveling with your mobility access […]

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