Wheels & Tyres

Take Care of Your Vehicle with Reliable Garage Services

When it comes to taking care of your auto you need reliable garage services from expert garage specialists. Of course, it is always a good idea to utilize garage service in Petersfield from garages like P.E.T.S. The professionals make repairs, handle MOT testing, maintenance and tyre garage services that are affordable, efficient and reliable. All […]

Fix Exhaust Problems Fast!

It may seem like an exhaust problem does not need to be fixed right away. However, an exhaust repair can cause other car problems to arise if it is not fixed immediately. There are a variety of symptoms that point to a plethora of different issues, as well. Costs can be confusing too if you […]

Choosing the Right Tyres for Your Vehicle

The choice of tyres you have on your vehicle has a huge impact on how your automobile handles being on a road. Select a set of tyres that is best-suited to your driving style and the surroundings in which your vehicle is regularly driven on. Factors including top speed, handling, grip, and ride comfort are […]

Are Your Tyres in Petersfield Reaching the End of Their Life?

Did you know that flat and worn tyres are two of the most common reasons for a vehicle to break down? When tyres reach the end of their life they will need to be replaced, so that you and other motorists are safe on public roads. The replacement of tyres in Petersfield will also improve […]

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