Dampness: What is It and How to Prevent It from Occurring to Your Building

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Water Proofing

When moisture penetrates the inside of a building through the floor or walls is how dampness occurs. The wetness can cause damage to the material that is used in building the structure resulting in concrete crumbling away and wood will begin to dry rot. Over time, this damage will begin to weaken the material that can jeopardize the integrity of the building and the safety of anyone inside of the establishment. To help prevent this from occurring, a home or business owner can hire a professional company that offers damp proofing in Eastbourne to treat the material creating a barrier that prevents moisture from being absorbed.

Damage a Structure Can Suffer without Damp Proofing

* Plaster can begin to remove or peel off.

* A fungal disease can develop in timber called dry rot that makes the wood crumble or brittle.

* The building’s value lowers due to the reduction of the lifespan of the structure.

* Damage to the electrical installation can occur.

* Damp proofing in Eastbourne can prevent the metals used in building the structure from corroding.

* Paints used on the building will begin to blister and peel.

* Mould will grow into the structure that creates an unhygienic environment for everyone in the building.

* Walls can be discoloured or stained creating an eyesore.

Protect the Value of Your Property by Contacting a Professional Today

You do not want to risk the integrity or value of your property by not treating the material used to build the structure. While you may not want to pay a professional to damp proof your home or business, it can be a wise investment that will pay for itself over time. CavityTech Systems Ltd is a well-known and experienced company that can offer you an affordable solution to help prevent the decay of your building.

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