Exhaust Trouble Can Lead to Emissions Problems

by | May 9, 2018 | Wheels & Tyres

Has your catalytic converter failed you? Most people may not realize just how important the catalytic converter is to an exhaust system. The catalytic converter is actually quite vital in converting harmful nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide that your engine produces into water and carbon dioxide. A contaminated or damaged catalytic converter those gases would be released through your auto’s exhaust. It is essential that vehicles with damaged catalytic converters have them replaced. A new catalytic converter can be fit easily by the professionals at P.E.T.S. Typically, exhaust work comes with a guarantee, and so does any work for catalytic converters. Such a guarantee provides you with perfect peace of mind.

Get to the Root of Emissions Problems

A vehicle’s exhaust plays an important role in emissions, so does the particulate filter. The diesel particulate filter is known to be a device that can remove particles and soot that’s produced by diesel engines. When your filter fails, you’ll leave a sooty, thick wake behind you wherever your auto travels. It’s a tell-tale sign that you need to have your particulate filter replaced. You will be able to meet emissions standards and also ensure driver comfort and road safety.

Have Your Exhaust Checked

It is always a good idea to have your exhaust checked. This will ensure that your vehicle meets emission standards too. It’s hard to detect exhaust problems simply because the exhaust for your car is mounted on the underneath side. In fact, you may not even realize you have exhaust damage until it’s advanced. Having your exhaust replaced gives you the ability to enjoy healthy motoring with a healthy exhaust. Do your part in keeping emissions low when you have your exhausted checked for replacement, maintenance or repairs by the professionals at Portsmouth Exhaust & Tyre Services (P.E.T.S).

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