Factors to consider when choosing a flat roof

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Roofing

From the earliest times, owners of homes and buildings have wanted to install flat roofs to their homes, and owners in Derby are no exception. Flat roofs are very modern and can be extremely functional, but great care needs to be taken in their design and construction to ensure that they provide optimum protection. Flat roofs have to have excellent drainage to ensure that leaks don’t develop. This is obvious, as a pitched roof allows for better drainage after rain or snowfall, while water can easily pool on a roof that is flat. This is why the flashing and gutters always have to be in good condition and free of debris to ensure proper drainage.

Existing flat roofs

If you have a home or a building with a flat roof in Derby and you are experiencing problems, there are options available to you. New techniques and roof coverings are more effective than in the past. Instead of removing your current covering, you can overlay a new covering. This method is far more cost-effective and the new covering is not compromised in any way. New membranes work well in that they also allow for safe evaporation of water, and there is no damage to the roof below.

Installing a green roof

Green roofs are increasing popular with people who are environmentally conscious. These roofs are flat and are covered with natural vegetation. They are extremely attractive and blend in well with the environs of a building. Apart from the ecological benefits, these roofs provide excellent thermal and noise insulation. They also are very effective in controlling the run-off of rainwater. As the average homeowner doesn’t want to have to maintain the roof on a regular basis, it’s essential to use plants that are indigenous to the area and don’t need regular care. A roofing company that specialises in green roofs will be able to provide the necessary information regarding which plants would be sustainable in Derby. You can visit here to get more information.

Maintaining a flat roof in Derby

All roofs require maintenance. Some roofing contractors suggest twice annual inspections, while it is recommended that at least once a year is essential. For a flat roof, the contractor would carefully check the surface of the roof and ensure that any coating was still intact. Some flat roofs have a gravel covering and the contractor would ensure that the surface was still evenly covered. Roofing experts would check for any drainage problems and would be aware of this through evidence of water that was pooling in any areas of the roof.

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