Ready Mixed Concrete Basics

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

Ready mixed concrete is a concrete that is prepared for delivery in a centralized plant rather than being prepared on a work site. Each batch of this concrete is made specifically for the contractor who ordered it and is personally delivered to them in cylinder trucks that are typically called cement mixers. A lot has changed since the early 1900s when concrete was delivered in a mixer carried by a horse. As years went on the trucks were made to carry a large amount of cement due to the high demand for concrete in World War II.

Good for Many Jobs

Ready-mixed concrete is best when used in small quantities of concrete or when small amounts of concrete are being placed on the area. It can also be used for large jobs where there is limited space and there is not a lot of room for mixing aggregate and plant stockpiles. There are three different categories of ready-mixed concrete.

* Transit-mixed concrete is sometimes called truck-mixed. The materials in this type of concrete are batched at centralized plant and are mixed inside the truck during transit. It is sometimes mixed in transit and finished at the job site. When a concrete is transit-mixed it helps to keep the water separated from the aggregates and cement which gives the concrete to be mixed on the construction site.

* Concrete that is shrink-mixed increases the truck load capacity while also keeping the advantages of a transit-mixed concrete. This type of concrete is typically partially mixed at the plant to help to shrink the amount of volume of the mixture and the rest of it can be completed in transit or at the job site itself.

Ready-mixed concrete is mixed when it arrives in the job site so that a proper slump is formed. However, concrete that has been mixed more than once has the ability to set at a faster rate. Materials such as ad mixtures and water can be added to the concrete when it arrives at the site of the job to make sure that the particular properties are created before it is placed. You can visit here to get more details.


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