Three Reasons to Get Your Glass in Guildford Double Glazed

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

More homes around the United Kingdom are designed with double glazed windows than ever before, and there’s a good reason why. When glass in Guildford is treated with double glazing, it prevents heat loss and allows you, the homeowner, to save money each month on bills. The cost of double glazing will vary, depending on how big the property is. There is a chance that you may need to get building or planning permission for double glazing, which offers the following benefits.

Thermal Efficiency

How thermally efficient is your property? You can figure this out by monitoring your energy bills every month. If you are paying more each month, chances are you need to get the glass in Guildford replaced for an energy efficient alternative, like double glazing. Single glazed windows lose heat easily and as a result of this, you will end up spending more money heating the home. The gas-filled layer that separates double glazed windows prevents heat loss and also reduces sound transmission. Remember that the less energy you use, the smaller the impact on the environment, therefore by investing in double glazing you can lower the risks of climate change.

Reduced Condensation

Do small beads of condensation run down the glass on your windows and doors? If so, wooden frames may rot and the glass will begin to look dirty. Maintaining single glazed windows is often more time consuming than maintaining double glazed glass in Guildford, because the barrier between the inner pane and outermost pane eliminates condensation problems. How, you ask? Well, water beads form when warm and cold air meet but with double glazing, the inner pane does not drop to a low enough temperature for condensation to occur.

Security and Safety

Nobody wants to feel unsafe in their own home, especially if the homeowner lives with children or animals. Double glazed glass in Guildford is significantly safer and more secure than single pane windows, because it is harder to break. Special laminates can be fitted onto the surface, making it more difficult for intruders to crack the glass and get inside the property. A preferred choice among business owners, double glazing also offers a good level of privacy, because the homeowner or business owner can choose from a variety of window coverings once the windows have been installed. Visit WEBSITE to get more information.

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