Tips for HIAB Hire

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Cranes

HIAB hires in Barnstaple can be done by the day, which makes them perfect for a one-off job, or you can hire them for an extended period if you need them to transport equipment and materials to a job site. Though it may seem to be a simple matter to hire a truck or trucks, there are quite a few things that need to be considered ahead of time. The type and size of trucks you will need are generally dependent upon what they will be used for, the amount and the weight of what you will be transporting, and what type of access you will have to the job site.

Is a HIAB Exactly What You Need?

Before you even decide you need an HIAB hire in Barnstaple, you should consider what type of job or jobs you require the trucks to do for you. You may need waste disposal both during and after construction. There may even be heavy items that will need to be lifted by a crane. If you need to transport extremely heavy building materials, there are number of different ways to go about it. Such as forklifts and even cranes to lift construction materials up and over for the truck to the ground.

Always do a Site Survey

One thing you should always do before you hire an HIAB truck, is to make sure you do a complete site survey, including any buildings that could conflict with the safety of the crane and make sure that you have proper access to the building site. Of vital importance is that you speak to the site manager to be doubly sure that you will have access to the site on the day of your truck hire. If you want to be certain that your truck and crane are the highest quality and durability, you want to be hiring from Nick Sampson.

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