3 Most Important Features of a Good Mobility Scooter

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Wheelchair Repair Service

Wheels, parts, seats, and steering controls of mobility scoters are important but unfortunately, their features are not appreciated. When buying a scooter, you need to know the importance of the features so that you can buy the right scooter.

Battery Indicator

Your battery will determine how long you use the scooter. A good battery should be able to hold charge for long. When buying a battery, chose one that will ensure that you do not get stranded. When riding a scooter, the battery displays a different colour of light depending on the power. You should be able to tell what each light means and how far it will take you so that you can plan your trip appropriately.


Some of the people with mobility challenges cannot carry stuff on their hands especially when using scooters. Since some can go for shopping or carry out small tasks in the house, the scoter needs to have a storage component. Storage makes life easy especially if you use walking aids or if you need to carry pet equipment or shopping. Scooter storage is very easy to use, and it is in the most accessible place. Unlike other mobility aids, mobility scooters in Bridgwater have storage spaces.

Customized functions

Your scooter is a valuable investment and so you must ensure that it is safe at all times. Most scooters have a key ignition for security purposes. If you want an anti-theft alarm, talk to the mobility dealer. Mobility scooter dealers have showrooms with various scooters that they provide. Do not compromise on the scooter that meets your needs perfectly; talk to the dealer to see how they can custom make a scooter depending on your daily needs. Exeter Disability Centre Ltd focuses on ensuring that your mobility remains intact regardless of your current challenges. Contact them for a solution for any mobility issue.

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