Heating & Air Conditioning

Benefits of Using Commercial Ventilation Fans

Air tight offices, buildings & other commercial spaces keeps heating costs low. That comes with a huge downside, poor indoor air quality. That’s why a lot of companies are installing commercial ventilation fans. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you use these in your office or warehouse: Reduce & […]

Access a Range of Services from Professional Refrigeration Engineers

If you run any sort of catering business in the Exeter area, there are certain types of equipment and appliances that you will need to purchase. This includes equipment and appliances for cooling and chilling produce in order to retain freshness, which is where professional refrigeration engineers can help. These industry professionals are able to […]

Types of Air Conditioning in Swindon for the Business Environment

The first ever air conditioning system dates back to 1902, when a man named Willis Carrier put his thinking cap on and created a device for cooling interior spaces. His clever thinking was the inspiration for other kinds of air conditioning in Swindon, which could help create a comfortable environment for employees in the workplace. […]

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