All about Double Glazing

by | May 8, 2017 | Glazing

Technological improvements have led to changes in every area of life including home construction. Initially, people living in very hot or cold areas relied on natural ways to keep their homes comfortable. With time, technological improvements led to the development of air conditioners which were used and are still used to regulate the temperature in the house.

Further developments have led to the development of double and triple glazing windows which helps in regulating the temperature in the premises. Even though double glazing cannot be relied on alone to provide a solution for high or low temperature, it helps make the premises energy efficient. During summer, the windows are able to bring down the temperature while they attract heat inside the house.


Other benefits of double glazing in Guildford include the aesthetic value that the windows add to your premises. They come in different designs and shapes so you can choose a design that complements your home. Depending on the design that you choose, they reduce the damage caused by UV rays on your premises and furnishings.


For you to enjoy the benefits, you need to hire an experienced glazier. Make sure they are trained, experienced, insured, and that they offer guarantees. Take your time because the installer you get determines the benefits you get from double glazing in Guildford. To know more, click here.

Does double glazing fail?

Yes it does but your installer should be able to help you. If you notice draughts, condensation or if the windows crack, you need to replace the double glazing. Improper installation, time and natural factors such as weather can damage your double glazing.

Contact professionals in double glazing such as Allways Glazing Works for details. For you to make the right choices in double glazing, you need the right information. They will be happy to offer you the necessary support to make your double-glazing project successful.

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