Basic Features of Burglar Alarms

by | May 30, 2017 | Security System Supplier

Installing burglar alarms in Plymouth offers a business numerous benefits such as; peace of mind that the business is safe and protected, better premiums and lower rates from insurance companies and fewer cases of theft and crimes. If the business has security cameras on employee workspaces, they enjoy high productivity from the employees. Burglar systems have a number of features which ranges from basic to advanced features. The size of a business, its location and the type of business determine the features that it incorporates in the system.

Some of the basic features include;

1. Alarms – It sounds when any entrance or exit is opened in a way it should not be opened or during a period of time when it should be closed. The alarm can either be triggered by motion or manually through a panic button. The alarm alerts the intruder that his presence has been noticed and some send a signal to the nearest police station.

2. Backup power – Plan to have a plan for power backup for instances when the lights go off. Remember that intruders can take advantage of this time but if you have power backup, they will be afraid to intrude your premises even when there is no power.

3. Video recording – This allows you to record live feeds of events. You can either watch the events from the house or even when you are away. The footage can be used to provide evidence in case a robbery or intrusion happens. The police can use the footage to identify the intruder or as evidence against an intruder.

4. Wireless transmissionBurglar alarms in Plymouth that depend on wires for connections risk being disconnected when burglars come to your premise: they can cut the wires making the system dysfunctional.

Talk to a professional burglar alarm specialist to determine the specific features that you need for your burglar alarm. Do not hesitate to talk to us at Ace Fire & Security.

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