Be Energy Efficient By Investing in Double Glazing in Gravesend

by | May 18, 2015 | Doors and Windows

A lot of homes throughout the United Kingdom are fitted with double glazed windows nowadays. Over the last few years, double glazing in Gravesend has increased in popularity thanks to the insulation and money-saving benefits this glass offers. An environmentally friendly choice, double glazing could prevent heat loss throughout the colder seasons. This means that you could save up to £160 per year on heating bills! Whether you plan on getting the windows on your property or conservatory double glazed, it’s wise to learn the facts about this energy-efficient choice first.

How Double Glazing Works

You probably know that double glazing in Gravesend is made with two pieces of glass, but did you know that sandwiched between these layers is an air-filled gap? Without this air, heat can easily escape from a property, which is why you ought to consider it if your bills have increased lately. A reduced carbon footprint, a more comfortable home and reduced condensation are three of many benefits associated with this glass. Each type of window will have a different energy rating, so take a look at the BRFC rating prior to getting excited about the range of styles and materials on offer.

Things To Look Out for

Should you be on the fence about making a home improvement with double glazing in Gravesend, make sure you choose the following things wisely:

1. Glass – Toughened safety glass, self-cleaning glass and heat reflective glass might be popular choices, but they won’t be as energy efficient as low emissivity glass. Also known as Low-E glass, it is covered with metal oxide, which traps heat effectively.

2. Pane Spacers – These spacers are designed to keep the glass panes separate. Warm edge spacers are the best choice, because they contain minimal metal.

3. Glass Gap – The most eco-friendly types of double glazing will have a layer of krypton, argon or xenon gas.

Frame Materials

Now that we have covered the science side of things, we can move on to the style. The wonderful thing about double glazing is that frame materials are crafted in accordance with all energy ratings. Wood, plastic and PVC are a few frame materials you can buy in a rainbow of colours. Most manufacturers will rate the energy efficiency from A-G, with A being the best. Visit for more information.

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