Causes of Common Exhaust problems

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Business

If you suspect that you have a problematic exhaust situation it can be identified through a maintenance service of the exhaust in Petersfield. An exhaust pipe channels out waste gases from the engine as a result of combustion. If the waste gases are not expelled, they pose a threat to you, your car, and the environment.

There are three main common exhaust problems:

1. Manifold failure

2. Corrosion

3. Faulty equipment

Exhaust Manifold failure

The manifold is located between the engine and the exhaust. It is therefore responsible for moving the waste gases from the engine to the exhaust for treatment and removal. If the manifold malfunctions, then the gas will cause health problems to the passengers. When the weather is too hot or cold, it creates cracks on the manifold. They render the manifold inefficient in collecting and transporting the waste gas.


Your exhaust system is metal which means it is prone to rust and corrosion. When the exhaust rusts, it affects the function and structural integrity of your car. One of the causes of rust is short distance travelling. This is because, water vapour collects in the exhaust and since you are not travelling for long; the exhaust does not become hot enough to heat the water up to evaporation. So the water collects and starts to make tiny holes on the exhaust. If the rust is too much, it can create holes in the exhaust. In addition, it can also erode a fixture and cause it to snap leaving the exhaust dragging along the road.

Loose brackets

Brackets that hold the exhaust in place to the engine can loosen up due to wear and tear. When they loosen up, you are likely to hear rattling sounds from under your car when driving. At times, the development of rust on the exhaust leads to loosened brackets.

Exhaust repairs are important to prevent waste gases from causing harm. Contact us today for an exhaust repair and our friendly team at Portsmouth Exhaust and Tyre Services will be happy to help.

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