Chairlifts for Home and Office Use

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Medical Equipments

There are many times in life where mobility can become an issue for an individual. There are also many businesses and homes which are not equipped for ease of movement for those with mobility limitations. However, it’s not impossible to install chairlifts in Guildford homes or businesses. These devices aid individuals of all ages in getting up and down stairs easily, while sitting comfortably in a secure chair as it moves up a rail installed alongside your staircase. Never again will you be faced with the risks of falling or losing your balance on staircases in your home.

Benefits of a Chairlift in your Home

Not only does it make getting up and down stairs easier for you on your own, it can also help you with chores around the house. Easily move laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, or other products upstairs or downstairs from the safety and comfort of your chairlift instead of attempting to carry them and hold onto the staircase railing. This can also be beneficial for children or adults with injuries, vision or balance issues. Preventing falls and injuries in your home is important, and installing a chairlift can be one of the biggest and most affordable ways to help with that.

Benefits of a Chairlift at the Office

Many offices have stairs, but limited choices for disabled or mobility limited individuals in traversing them. For workers with mobility issues, this can become a true burden. By having chairlifts installed in the office place or other public buildings, both employees and the public can safely get to their destinations within the building. If you work regular hours at an office with stairs, having lift options installed may not only be a benefit to you but could also help improve the customer satisfaction for others as well. It can improve the views of your company by seeing they place an interest in the well-being of their clients and customers.

Not Just for the Elderly

Whether you are young or old, assistance with your mobility limitations may be something you can benefit from. Perhaps an injury has caused you to be unable to walk for very long, or you have limited mobility in your knees or hips. No matter what the case may be, mobility issues can ruin your day when faced with stairs. When you can’t just go around them or find another path, sometimes climbing stairs is your only option. If a chairlift was installed, this could have been a much easier ordeal for you to handle.

If you’re considering chairlifts in Guildford for your home or business, contact Bentley Mobility. Their team of experts can help you select the best products for your needs.

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