Common Central Heating Problems that Can Occur

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Plumbing

Central heating problems occur due to the difference in weather conditions between summer and winter months. It takes place when your heating system is normally left unused over the long summer period causing it to become stagnant and hence develop rust or blockages in the pipelines overtime. By the time winter season arrives your heating system tends to clog up and cause various issues. What some people do is either ignore or forget to switch on their heating system on alternate days during the warm months to avoid these problems taking place when the cold months begin to set in. Some of the most common central heating problems are water gurgling, loss of pressure in their heating system, lack of water, noisy central heating, and radiator being cold at the bottom. If you are experiencing any of these problems, it is best to contact a professional engineer so they can look at your heating system. You can find professional engineers that offer quality services of central heating in Aberdeen.

Skilled Engineers Will Check Your Heating System

When you contact a skilled engineer they will come by your home and check your central heating system. The first thing an expert will do if your heating system does not come on is check the make sure your thermostat is working correctly. Secondly, an engineer will look at the boiler to see if the switch is on at the local isolator and at the boiler. If an engineer notices uncommon flashing lights on the control panel they will examine the water pressure. The pilot light will also be looked at to see if it is working efficiently. An expert may suggest that your heating system needs to be flushed out if they hear banging noises. If there is gurgling sounds then it is a clear sign that there is air in the radiators. An engineer will resolve that problem by bleeding your heating system.

Maintenance Is Important for a Central Heating System

One factor you need to keep in mind and that is it is important to have your central heating system maintenance. When you have an experienced engineer perform a regular maintenance on your heating system, it can save you money and extend the lifespan of your system. Another essential benefit from having your system looked at regularly is, a professional will be able to resolve a minor problem before it becomes a major one.

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