Curved stairs are no problem for a stair-lift

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Stairlifts

Some people who are interested in installing a stair-lift will say that their home is not suitable because of the curved staircase. There’s a mistaken belief that only a home with a straight, regular set of stairs is suitable for a chairlift, but this isn’t true at all. As all stair-lifts operate with a chair that runs along a set of rails, it’s completely possible to design rails that will fit any set of stairs, no matter how unique the stairs are.

Installing a curved stairlift in your Devon home

The first step will be to contact a company that specialises in stair-lifts and to ask for a consultant to visit your home. While many staircases in the UK are narrow, this is not usually a problem as the rails are fitted flush against the wall. The agent will need to take measurements of your stairs and will produce specific drawings. From here, the company will be able to manufacture rails that adhere exactly to the dimensions of your stairs.

Once these rails are installed, usually by attaching them to the tread of the stairs, the stair-lift will operate exactly as it would on a straight staircase. You may wish to proceed up and down stairs at slightly less speed than if the rails were straight, but most chairs have controls that allow you to travel at a pace you feel safe. In fact, even the top speed of a stair-lift would always be entirely comfortable. You can visit here to get more information.

Modifications to chairs

It’s not only being elderly and infirm that leads to lack of mobility. In some cases, a person is confined to a wheelchair. In this instance, the chair of the stair-lift can be modified to a platform, and the wheelchair can be moved into position and transported in exactly the same way as someone sitting on a chair. Also, if obesity has caused the inability to climb the stairs, most stair-lifts will be effective, but you would need to check that the model is able to carry a specific weight. Some are designed to carry up to 400 pounds, while others would be better purposed for a lower weight.

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