Did you know that glass can be self-cleaning?

by | Jun 23, 2023 | Business

Glass is something that everyone loves in their home. Glass has the wonderful properties of letting light into your home and office, and its transparency creates a feeling of spaciousness. Take a look at the set of any sci-fi movie and you’ll find that the homes are filled with see-through furniture and glass walls, creating a feeling of lightness and a sensation of floating. These days, with the new methods of strengthening and toughening glass it is a far safer substance and can thus be used in many more ways in your home and in commercial buildings.

The role of a glazier

Despite the rise of safety glass, it is still possible for glass to break. It’s not a strong enough barrier to keep out a cricket ball travelling at speed from a game on the lawn. This is when you need to know a good glazier who can offer you professional advice on the uses of glass and can provide quick repairs when there’s been an accident. A glazier will be involved in measuring up the windows in your new building, and in replacing windows when it’s time to give your home a face-lift. Glaziers are also skilled at dealing with mirrors, and any DIY enthusiast knows how easily a mirror can shatter when you try to drill a hole in it. Windows need to be properly sealed to keep out drafts, and this is when a good glazier’s skills will be put to work in your Guildford home or office.

Self- cleaning glass

A glazier might also explain to you that glass can now be self-cleaning, which will be a real boon to those office buildings that have entire walls of glass. In this situation, the glass has been coated with a special layer that harnesses the sun and rain to break down and wash away the dirt that adheres to its surface. This coating also helps spread rainwater evenly across the glass. Thus, instead of getting the streaking that happens on many windows, this coating causes water to run across the entire surface, which ensures that all the dirt is reached and washed away.

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