Do You Need Woodworm Treatment in Edinburgh?

by | May 24, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Do you need woodworm treatment in Edinburgh? Do you suspect that you have woodworms but are not sure? Woodworms, which are not worms at all are prevalent and a nuisance. They do not cause any bodily harm to occupants but they can quickly and easily wreak havoc on the timber in your home.

What Are They?

Woodworms are a general term that is used to describe burrowing insects. The insects start out as larvae in the wood where they munch happily until it is time to emerge as an adult and find a mate. The “wormholes” are actually holes caused by the adult insect to burrow out of the wood and find a partner. It is a little uncomfortable when you consider that you may have them and not know that they are living in your timber until you notice the holes.

How Do You Know You Have Them?

The worst part about these pests is that you typically do not know they are lurking in your timber until they have been there long enough to reach adulthood and burrow out. If you can see the holes than you likely have some issues. In some cases when you step on the floor and you feel it creak that can be the damage that is caused by these pesky intruders. Other signs include:

* What looks like saw dust on the floor near timber because it is sawdust from the burrowing action of the insects. It is called Frass.

* An unusual amount of adult beetles hanging around the inside of the house. .

* In some cases you can see the beetles leaving the hole.

If you have not noticed any of the signs above it does not necessarily mean you are in the free and clear. It means that they may just be hiding somewhere you have yet to notice. Visit here for more information.

Professional Survey

A professional that specializes in the treatment of woodworms can come to your property take a full survey and advise you whether you have this problem or not. The right professional will be able to treat your property to rid it of any activity and prevent it from starting up again. There are many tips and tricks for getting the problem under control but really you do not need to get the problem under control you need to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.

Richardson & Starling will provide you with a professional site survey and give you the information you need about woodworm treatment in Edinburgh! Get the help you need right now! Call for an appointment.

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