Double-glazing can help you ‘go green’

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Glazing

Most people are concerned about global warming at present and we’re seeing on-going catastrophic events such as massive winter storms, flooding, and increasingly warm summers. As a result of this, the public is being urged to look for ways to ‘go green’ and to eliminate unnecessary stress on an already burdened planet. One way of achieving this is by changing single-glazed windows for double-glazing. The beauty of double-glazing is not just that there is double the glass between the homeowner and the outside weather. The design of these windows has a layer of inert gas between the two panes of glass that makes all the difference in climate control. This gas does not conduct heat well – thus it keeps warmth inside a home in winter, and protects a house from the summer heat. In Gravesend, double-glazing was usually for protection against the cold but, increasingly, residents are experiencing hotter summers and are taking measures to prevent their homes from becoming hot-boxes. With the changes in weather and the heavy rain and flooding that have been occurring, these windows are always extremely well sealed and will be a good barrier against possible leaking.

The true bonus to improved climate control in a home is the resultant reduction in energy costs. Not only are prices of gas and electricity increasing, the less you need to use, the better for the environment. It is for this reason that even triple-glazed windows are available to provide the ultimate insulation. You can visit here to get more information.

Other benefits of double-glazing

In many parts of Gravesend, double-glazing is necessary to keep out noise. Some homes are situated on busy roads and the difference in noise volume with double-glazing versus single is profound. Some people who are situated near airplane flight paths also report being able to sleep at night without the constant rumble of noise pervading their homes. For really loud noise, a manufacturer can increase the thickness of the glass that’s installed in your home.

Although security is not the main reason homeowners fit these windows, it stands to reason that they are a deterrent to would-be burglars. Safety film can be built into the windows – the glass will crack fairly easily but will not shatter and will make entry through it much more difficult than through a single pane. The fact that inert gas is between the two panes means that the window has to be sealed extremely well, and installed carefully as well. This prevents draughts in your home and is also very good at keeping out dust. On top of all of this, double glazing for windows is available in a variety of colours and size and you can choose your own designs.

There is no doubt that double glazing in Gravesend is excellent at insulating your home and has wonderful acoustic properties. Deaves & Company Home Improvements can provide a quotation to install your windows and doors.

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