Double Glazing Offers Double the Benefits

While double glazing for windows may seem like a common choice for, it is actually a wise choice that is quite beneficial. Today’s home designs call for natural lighting and open spaces. Nothing can help convey this more than letting more light in, which calls for more windows. However, more windows can also mean that your home is not as energy efficient. The answer is to have windows with double glazing. In fact, double glazing for Gravesend residents has increased and is now in more demand. Whether you have more windows, or larger windows, double glazing allows you to let in more light without sacrificing energy efficiency or loss of heat. Double glazing actually influences the energy efficiency of your home.

How Does Double Glazing Work?

Double glazing is the modern answer to insulating space and preventing heat loss. So, instead of using just one layer of glass, two layers are used which gives you two panes of glass to protect your home. The secret to double glazing is actually between the two glass panes. Double glazed windows are the perfect insulator due to the tiny gap between the glass layers that is filled with krypton, argon or xenon. The gas will reduce heat transfer by convection. It literally lowers the rate that heat energy escapes from one side and then to the other. While heat transferring cannot be entirely stopped, it can be reduced so you lose less heat and stand to save money on your energy costs.

Double Glazed Windows Have Become a Household Standard

Double glazed windows have become a household standard for European home owners. It is a good choice that keeps your home more energy efficient while still allowing you to keep your space full of light. Make the choice to improve the look and energy efficiency of your home by investing in double glazing for your windows. Click here for more details.

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