Drawing up a comprehensive employment contract and policy

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Lawyers

Most people will sign numerous contracts during their lifetime. These could be to do with bank loans, buying a home, getting married, or any manner of circumstances where binding terms are in place. One of the most important of these contracts is that of employment. For many living in Bournemouth finding a good job which is well paid, or is close to home and offers good benefits, is already a reward. However, it’s really important to take time to read an employment contract carefully to ensure that there are no surprizes down the line.

Equally, for employers, having a water-tight contract of employment in place is essential. Like any other contract, when both parties have signed, the contract is legally binding. Oral contracts may also be in place, but both employers and employees should be very wary of these. Most relationships start out well – including in the business world – and many may continue in that vein. It’s when things go wrong that both parties need to be protected, and this is when having a clear contract in place is essential. Some companies may try to do this on their own, but it’s where the services of employment solicitors are invaluable.

Finding employment solicitors in Bournemouth

There are specialists to be found in the city who can advise clients of the important aspects that need to be included in an employment contract. Policies should be drawn up and should be made clear to all staff members. Some employers feel that these contracts are for large companies only but, even if you have only one staff member, costly problems can occur. You can click here to get more details.

What to cover in an employment policy

A recruitment and selection policy is an important starting point. The selection process can open companies up to discrimination charges, so a clear policy is important – for example, the company might set targets to include certain numbers of people of all ages, of different race groups and of both genders. If an employee underperforms, the dismissal procedures need to be clearly spelt out for all parties. Employees also need to understand how they could go about being promoted – what evaluations will take place and what training they can expect. Then there are family issues of maternity and paternity, family members who are ill, or an adoption policy. All of these situations are commonplace and are part of a normal society. If clear guidelines are in place, negotiations are smooth and consistent; when they are not, the system is open to abuse, favouritism and possible lawsuits. Spending time with expert lawyers getting the employment contract clear and concise will prove to be an excellent investment for any business.

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