Easy Ways to Organize Your Garage Space

by | May 19, 2017 | Garage Doors

Depending on how big your garage is you may be using it for more than just parking your car. For many people, they use their garage as additional storage or work space. With this additional use comes additional stuff that has to be stored, moved around, and organized; it can get a bit out of hand. Consider these great organization tips to maximize your available space and to make it easier to use the garage without damaging your garage doors in Bridgend.

Overhead Storage

This type of storage is perfect for big bulky items or boxes of things you do not use very often. Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing, and items like these are ideal for overhead storage areas and it helps free up valuable floor space!

Slat Boards

These are basically long flat wall boards that have been cut in thin slats with a space between them where hooks can be hung. With the hooks, it creates a handy place to hang tools and equipment and items like brushes, screwdrivers, and even larger items with holes in the handles like mops and rakes and brooms. It really helps keep the garage neat and organized.

Rolling Storage Carts

They rolling carts are great for families that use the garage as a work area. Whether it is wood working, auto mechanic work or home improvement jobs, chancer are there are lots of nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and smaller item that can be hard to keep track of. Rolling storage carts help keep these smaller items in order and also can provide a convenient work space for your projects that is fully mobile.

For many families today, the garage is so much more than just a place to park the car. It is a place to work and spend time together as a family and enjoy your favourite hobbies. With all the added activity, it can be hard to keep things organized and the risk of damage to your garage doors is higher. But with the right planning you can keep your garage doors in Bridgend working perfectly! Browse site for more information.

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