What to Expect with Professional Furniture Removals in Croydon

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Moving Company

There are many different companies in the Croydon area providing home moving services. Not all of these companies offering furniture removals are the same, and only a few offer the best possible services to protect your valuable items.

There are several differences anyone moving within the area should note when they are working with a top professional service. Understanding what these key indicators are for quality furniture removals allows you to recognize a company offering substandard services.

In-Person Visit

The first contact with the movers should result in a personal visit from the company to your residence. This is important as it allows the removals company to understand the scope of the move, to know the equipment and supplies needed for the move, as well as to determine the number of movers to get the job done.

The in-person visit also allows the experienced removal surveyor to make a note of any special services required. This may include additional packing and crating for valuable or fragile items or even specialised equipment to move very heavy objects such as pianos or large furniture items.

In many instances, large furniture needs to be taken apart for safe transport to the new location. An experienced furniture removals service takes the time to explain this to the owner and point out the items.

Padding and Wrapping

Even for short distance and local moves in the Croydon area, the best services wrap, and pad all furniture items. This prevents small areas where items may rub in the truck, dramatically reducing the risk of even slight surface marks during the removal process.

They carefully pad boxes and furniture in the truck, securing the load and strategically loading the truck to provide maximum protection to boxes, crates or wrapped items containing breakable, sensitive or fragile items.

Arnold & Self is a great example of a company offering highly professional furniture and household removals. Experienced and offering both local and international moving services, they provide quality services at a highly competitive price.

To learn more about the services offered by Arnold & Self, including specialised furniture removals, see us online. We are easy to find on the web at www.arnoldself.com.

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