Fix Exhaust Problems Fast!

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Wheels & Tyres

It may seem like an exhaust problem does not need to be fixed right away. However, an exhaust repair can cause other car problems to arise if it is not fixed immediately. There are a variety of symptoms that point to a plethora of different issues, as well. Costs can be confusing too if you are not using a local garage that knows how to accurately fix exhausts in Petersfield.

Know the Signs of a Problematic Exhaust

Do you know any signs of problematic exhausts? Why is black, white or blue smoke coming from your exhaust? The colour of smoke that is coming from an exhaust points to different problems. It is also a clear indication that there is some type of problem within the auto’s system.

The Meaning of White Smoke

White smoke indicates that you could be low on engine coolant due to a warped or cracked cylinder head, head gasket failure or a cracked engine block. Liquid is vaporized when the engine coolant gets near the combustion chamber and is vaporized. This is what makes the white smoke.

The Meaning of Blue Smoke

If you see blue smoke coming out of your exhaust then oil must have leaked into your auto’s engine and was burned within the system. When piston rings or valve guide seals wear out, engine oil can get into the combustion chamber. Blue smoke is produced when this happens.

The Meaning of Black Smoke

When your engine burns more fuel than it should, your exhaust will produce black smoke. This is typically caused by fuel injectors, fuel-pressure regulators or air filters. The fuel-line could also be clogged. You will notice your fuel economy being greatly affected when this happens, meaning you will be spending more money on fuel than usual. Get an accurate estimate for repairs when you visit local garages like Portsmouth Exhaust & Tyre Services (P.E.T.S.).

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