For business or pleasure the Range Rover Sport handles both with ease

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Car Hire

The Range Rover is known for unabashed luxury, only the true automobile aficionado would know that the Range Rover also is a fierce competition machine, having won the gruelling Paris-Dakar Rally twice and competed throughout the 1980s is the East African Safari series. Although the vehicle no longer competes, Range Rover Sport car hire in London, UK is available.

It’s hard to imagine an SUV that handles like a sports car, when you climb aboard the Range Rover Sport you will know the impossible just became possible. The handling characterises are exceedingly sharp, especially when you take into account that the vehicle is also capable of moving from the highway, to the byway to forestry trails easily, regardless of the surface, the air suspension provides a comfortable ride.

When you arrange Range Rover Sport car hire in London, UK you will be given a vehicle that fits comfortably between the compact Evoque and the fleet flagship, the Vogue. All Range Rovers, regardless of the model are designed to provide the driver and up to six passengers with comfort and luxury along with hill-hugging off road performance.

Off road SUVs are normally not known their agility; the Range Rover Sport has dealt with that but ditching the old steel chassis in favour of a lightweight monocoque; the reduction in weight and the inclusion of an active roll bar and adaptive dampers makes this vehicle surprisingly nimble.
The fact that the vehicle offers a smooth, composed ride does not mean that it has lost any of its well known off road ability. The suspension layout has been designed to automatically adjust for maximum off road traction, but air suspension is standard. Air suspension gives it a pillow soft ride and the ability to raise the ride height when you are faced with large obstacles off road.

The beauty of arranging Range Rover Sport car hire in London, UK is you get a vehicle that is sporty and at the same time, elegant. Not everyone hires a 4X4 to go off road, there are people that see the Range Rover Sport as the perfect vehicle to use for business and business related pleasure. Many companies see tremendous value in having outings where employees and company executives get a chance to interact on a more informal basis, a chance to enjoy the company of colleagues as well as the Chairman of the Board. There is no better way to get to where the outing is being held than sharing the comfort and convenience of a seven seat SUV.

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