Giving New Life to your Old Tarmac

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Whether you have a private estate or maintain a public car park, one of the most important things is that you have a smooth and good looking tarmac. After all, this is what your visitors will see and use every day when they visit your property. Tarmacs are important for landscaped grounds as they prevent vehicles from damaging grass or other vegetation by providing an obvious area to drive. Having an existing tarmac removed and redone is a great way to improve the overall look of the property, and even increase its value should you be offering it for sale. You may only need a short tarmac for a driveway or one that spans a very long distance for public highways or resident association roads, but no matter the distance you can be sure a new tarmac will help improve the overall look of your property.

Great Places to Install New Tarmac

New tarmac is not just suitable for driveways and highways, it can also be used for private estate roads leading into and out of the property for those that live and work there, in addition to the public that may be visiting. Additionally, tarmac is suitable for long distance footways and cycle tracks. It provides a well-defined area to travel through parks and woodlands while providing safe and sure footing, free of lose rocks or tree roots which can cause a tripping hazard. This is especially suitable for overland or cross country hiking, biking, or jogging tracks. You can also install a new tarmac for oval running tracks.

Hiring a Tarmacing Company

Finding the right tarmac company may seem difficult at first, but can be made much easier if you take the time to do your research in advance. Never be afraid to ask about their qualifications and experience when it comes to tarmacing services. Hiring a company that has experience with road tarmacing in Abingdon can ensure that you get the best possible results no matter what type of road or track you hire them to create. If in doubt, always search for reviews online or by asking local residents and companies if they have had any experience with the company you are considering. Once you have determined which road tarmac company will work for your needs it is time to start asking about their project price range to ensure you stay well within your budget.

When you are considering road tarmacing in Abingdon, be sure to turn to Hazell and Jefferies Ltd. for all of your tarmac, surface dressing, civil engineering, and road planing services.

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