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by | Nov 27, 2015 | Recycling

Having a professional service come and pick up your skips is a great way to get rid of bulk rubbish. Many different construction companies as well as offices use skip hires in order to get rid of waste from their sites. This helps to keep their areas neat and tidy so they are able to perform their tasks with ease. Even companies who use skip hires regularly still aren’t quite sure what to look for in a skip service. There are companies who pick up skips in Exeter and areas close by. Here is some information that may be helpful if you have never hired a skip service before.

Materials Not Permitted in a Skip

If you are planning to hire a skip service in the near future it is important to know about the materials that are permitted and ones that are not permitted. Here is a list of materials that you cannot place in a skip to be picked up:

* Tires

* Batteries

* Liquids

* Petrol, diesel, and oil

* Asbestos

* Fluorescent tubes

* Electrical appliances

* Toxic materials

* Batteries

* Computers or TVs

* Refrigerators

* Medical waste

You will also want to make sure not to overfill any of your skips as they will not be picked up. It is important to only full your skip up to the allowed level. There can be no materials sticking out over the sides of the skip. A skip service will not pick you your skip if it does not meet the regulations.

Time Frame

You can call skip services up to 2 weeks ahead of time from the time that you made the call. If you are going to need it sooner than that then you need to make sure they will pick up your skip earlier than the 2 week time frame. You cannot keep a skip out on the street for longer than the time it takes for a skip service to pick it up. So it is important to know in advance when they are picking it up. You can click here to get more details.

In order to properly hire a skip you should call in advance and ask them plenty of questions to see if they meet your needs. You can also ask them what is permitted in the bin and what isn’t. They should be able to inform you of these things or they are not a quality skip service.

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