Hiring an Asbestos Specialist in London – What are the Risks of Asbestos Exposure?

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Asbestos Testing Service

The two words ‘asbestos’ and ‘cancer’ are heavily linked, and for good reason. This group of minerals may occur naturally in the environment however, when the bundles of fibres are abstracted into durable threads, they can be inhaled and may rest on the lungs for many years. As a result, this can lead to future health problems and in particular, respiratory problems. Despite the health risks, asbestos was widely used in construction for years, due to the fact that the fibres do not conduct electricity and are very resistant to chemicals, heat and fire. Nevertheless, an asbestos specialist in London should be called in to test for the two main groups – amphibole asbestos and serpentine asbestos – so as to make sure the following risks are kept to a minimum.
Wheezing, Hoarseness and Shortness of Breath
Sure, wheezing, hoarseness and shortness of breath can be linked to a wide range of respiratory problems and by researching it on the Internet you may worry yourself more than necessary. Nevertheless, it’s important that you pay attention to these symptoms, because an asbestos specialist in London may recommend a doctor’s visit if they discover asbestos after a survey has been conducted and reported.
Weight Loss and Lack of Appetite
Heavy exposure and the length of exposure to asbestos will definitely have an impact on the way someone feels when asbestosis kicks in. The actual chemical make-up of the fibres, as well as the shape and size, could prove harmful for the individual who has been exposed. As someone falls ill, they will not get as hungry as they usually might and this will result in weight loss. These issues can be avoided by hiring an asbestos specialist in London who can clear the area of the hazardous material and stop substantial environmental contact from occurring in the future.
Increased Risk of Asbestosis
Ignoring a problem that might or might not be there will put you at risk of asbestosis, not to mention the other people who reside in your property. What is asbestosis, you ask? Well, it is the term used to describe what happens when particles are inhaled directly into the lungs. Resting on the lungs for years and becoming embedded in the lining can lead to mucus build-up and cancer of the pleura. This cancer is common among people who have worked in asbestos environments and it is otherwise known as mesothelioma.

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