How Cigars Can Be Seen as a Classic Cultural Commodity

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Business Services

There are entire fields devoted to the study of different substances and the manner in which they are marketed, and one of the most fascinating points of focus therein is the question of how certain substances become associated with particular emotions—such as happiness, joy, or success. When you think of these emotions, there’s a fair chance you are imagining celebrating by popping open a bottle of champagne or dousing a victorious coach in a sports drink—or, perhaps even lighting a cigar. How and why such associations and traditions emerge is a story unto itself, with cigars being one of the most classic examples of a rarefied luxury enjoyed by adults on special occasions.

Hand-Wrapped Havanas

As with alcoholic beverages, cigars are a product that can carry a great deal of cultural capital, and nowhere is this more the case than with the world-famous Cuban Cigar. These items are some of the most coveted products in the world, primarily because of the rich and complex history with which we associate them. These cigars were popular both before and after Cuba’s Communist Revolution. Cuban Cigars were given an added dose of intrigue in the wake of trade embargoes to the island nation, which lasted throughout the cold war and beyond. There are few products that are more recognizably Cuban than these “hand-wrapped Havanas.”

Other Options

In the same way a Cuban Cigar is a commodity that is instantly identifiable with that culture, other cigars are likewise the clear product of the culture in which they are produced, and they are all the more desired by connoisseurs as a result. From other Latin American options to those made by European companies, each type of cigar reflects a tradition of craftsmanship in everything from the cigar paper and the luxury packaging to the substance itself.

In short, no matter the specific occasion, cigars are impressive cultural commodities. They can represent rich collectible keepsakes, and they can even add a little class to any lounge, study, or office.

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