How Custom Metal Fabrication Works

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Metal Fabrication

When it comes to metal and engineering fabrication, there are several broad definitions. Metal fabrication is an extremely broad term for the process that requires the cutting, shaping, and molding of metal material into a completed product. Metal components such as metal rods, metal bars, and sheet metal are created in many different specifications and dimensions. Fabrication shops have the ability to produce different metal products in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

Metal and Engineering Fabrication Services

When it comes to developing a new product, custom fabrication services play a huge role in almost every stage of the process. Whether you need complete production services or need specific items for products that have already been created, there are many factors that you might find beneficial.

Design: The creation, analysis, and the conceptualization of a product and its characteristics.

Build: The construction of the specific product.

Assembling and finishing: This requires the improvement of a specific product through post-fabrication methods.

Custom Build Services

Once a product has been fully designed, the process of manufacturing process can start. The next step comes down to choosing the type of fabrication method that you want to use on the project. This factor will be determined by the purpose and the geometry. There are several different types of metal fabrication processes that are used such as; casting, drawing, extrusion, forging, punching, welding, drilling, milling, and turning.

There are some metal products that will require a secondary form of treatment finishing in order to achieve certain specifications. There may be assembly services that are required in order to combine several pieces into one functional unit. These metal fabrication services may include; grinding, adhesive bonding, painting, sawing, screwing, and riveting.

Custom Materials

In order to complete these procedures, you will need custom metal fabrication materials that are of the highest qualities. Choosing the wrong materials can impact the rate of manufacturing, cost-effectiveness, and the production quality of a project. You should consider several factors before you choose your materials as well as your company. You will need to consider experience, resources, industries, production type, as well as stock materials before you make your decision on the company you are and materials you are going to use.

It can be a very complex process. However, with the right tools and the right people, the job will be done right the first time. That is the best way to ensure a successful metal and engineering fabrication service.

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