Keep Your Auto in Great Shape with Regular Service

by | May 31, 2018 | Wheels & Tyres

Whether your car needs new tyres, repair work or MOT testing it’s a good idea to schedule regular service so your auto remains in great shape. It takes diligence when it comes to providing affordable and fantastic garage services in Portsmouth. The experts at P.E.T.S. can help you keep your car in tip-top shape with car services for clutches, brakes, batteries and much more. They offer a full-range of car services that help you stay on the road and driving safely.

Are Your Tyres in Good Shape?

Tyres need expert care, especially if one of them has been punctured. Perhaps you haven’t had your tyres aligned in quite some time. This can negatively affect how well your car drives. Badly balanced and poorly aligned wheels can cause excessive wear and tear and made it difficult for your car to grip slippery and wet roads. Have new tyres fit to your vehicle that ensure they are set up right and help to keep your car in peak condition.

Have Your Battery Replaced Fast

When your auto won’t start or run because of a dead battery, it’s essential that it’s replaced fast. You need the right battery installed and the experts can help you with a hassle-free fitting that also follows necessary procedures in relation to computer systems and on-board engine management. All you have to do is let the experts do their job so you can get back on the road and enjoy an extended battery life beneath your bonnet.

New Brakes Are a Life-Saver

Being able to safely stop your car is vital. Get your brakes checked often to ensure they get the job done on a daily basis. Over time brake pads can wear away, and even the newest types of fade-free brake pads need to be checked and replaced eventually. Visit site for more information.

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