Keeping your flat roof in good repair

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Roofing

If you have a home or building with a flat roof, you should know that the roof will last longer if it’s properly maintained. In the past, flat roofs had a lifespan of about 10 years if well looked after but, depending on the roof covering, these can now last for as long as 20 to 30 years, which is similar to some domestic roofs. Any neglect to a tar or gravel roof will inevitably result in problems. A roof is constantly exposed to the elements – to UV rays, to heavy rains and snow – and there will be constant wear and tear that might need addressing.

The type of maintenance required

If your home or building is in Weston Super Mare, the type of flat roof repairs you will need will probably be related to water damage. Preventing water damage can be easily avoided by ensuring good drainage. If the waterproofing membrane is covered by gravel, this substance can shift and block gutters and drains. Other debris and leaves are also culprits in forming blockages. Cleaning gutters should be a regular part of any roof inspection and it will be money well spent to eliminate problems caused by pooling water. When water collects on a roof, it will start to work its way into small holes and cracks. If water freezes, it expands these cracks and, before you know it, the problem of maintenance and the cost of repair have increased dramatically. General roof maintenance should be able to detect and resolve water pooling within 48 hours.

Once leaks have started in the roof, without an inspection you may be unaware of the problem until extensive damage has been done. Water rots timber and corrodes metal, so seeping water that is left for months is creating the need for expensive repairs. If the water finally works its way into the building and dripping occurs, it can be very difficult to discover where the leak originates – particularly if the water has been left to work its way through the roof for a long time. This is when the price tag of repairs really shoots up. You can click here to get more information.

Pay attention to the flashings

For flat roof repairs to your Weston Super Mare building, you should ensure that inspections on your flashings receive priority. All roofs will have areas where there are bends, and this is where the flashings can open. Sealing them is a relatively small job and it’s really worth the trouble when you learn that about 90% of leaks occur at the flashings.

Flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare should be completed by a professional company with plenty of experience. Aquagard Roofing Solutions has years of experience in building, inspecting and repairing flat roofs.

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