Let the Pros Handle Your Welding Fabrication Requirements

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Small Business

Welding fabrication is a joining method. It brings two or more pieces of metal together to form structures, shapes and many other metal pieces. An experienced welder can bring together giant sheets of metal as well as small intricate pieces of metal. Typically the practice is broken down into two categories “light fabrication” and “heavy fabrication” which refer to the thickness of the metal to be joined. The process usually is part human labour and part automation. The automation part is used to cut the raw materials into shapes and forms that will be joined together by the welder (human element). Welding is the most reliable form of joining metals together and it is used to create new forms, repair existing forms and improve on designs. It is truly an art that requires specific skill sets.

The Welding Skill Set

Welding fabrication requires a highly tuned skill set. It is actually two separate skill sets. The welding requires the ability to use welder’s tools to join metal. The fabrication skill set requires the ability to:

* Read Blueprints
* Layout of Materials or Choosing Materials
* Cutting Materials
* Preparing Materials for Joining

How Welding Works

The art of welding includes following blueprints so the ability to read blueprints is necessary. Choosing the right materials is also necessary as is the ability to cut the materials (an operator programs the equipment). Preparing the materials to be welded is yet another step in the process. In many cases it is a team of people that are responsible for the process although the actual welding will fall to one person that has the welding skill set. Welding can be learned through formal education or through apprenticeship but it is perfected through experience and practicing the art. Welding is a highly valued skill set in metal fabrication. The right welder can easily pull together any project.

Pick Your Welding Form

A quality welding shop can join just about any shape or form. If you can draw it they should be able to build it for you. An experienced shop will meet with you, review your drawing and make suggestions for any changes. The right shop can help you to improve on your design by pointing out areas that are ripe for improvements and going over design options. They can make suggestions for metal types and finishes too. Choosing a highly skilled shop will insure the success of your project.

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