List Of Industries Where Duct Fans Are Utilised

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Heating Oil Supplier

A duct fan or in-line fan (sometimes refered to as a blower), is used to ensure correct levels of ventilation through ducts. They can provide many benefits & are used in a wide variety of applications, residential, commercial or industrial&. For example, they can be utilised in warehouses, chemical, automotive, medical, mining, agriculture, food processing, & even construction, to remove stale air & odours. They can also be used to bring in &circulate fresh air, also known as make-up air. Gymnasiums, underground parking facilities, & warehouses can all benefit from duct fans.

What They Do

Primarily, they are used to move air, & they’re considered a necessity by building regulations in many locations. They can remove the air from an enclosed space, which in-turn helps to replace stale or contaminated air with fresh air. They can also be used in drying & cooling applications at gymnasiums & construction sites.

They may be a requirement in factories where high heat is present most of the time to help reduce those levels & prevent stagnant air when air conditioners aren’t appropriate or too costly.

A duct fan is also essential in reducing moisture levels in bathrooms, greenhouses, spas & other places where humidity can be a problem. They can remove odours from cooking or processing applications, as well as remove fumes in automotive shops & chemical industries.


Duct fans come in many sizes & shapes, & there are different types for various applications .. The size you require will depend on the environment where it will be used. While they may be used in almost any setting, they are usually utilised for high static pressure (where there may be long duct runs with many bends), or high volume applications.

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