Points to Consider before Hiring a Skip

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Taking care of the environment is the duty of everyone. One way to ensure that you take care of it is by ensuring that you dispose your waste products in the right way. Waste disposal can be challenging especially when you have a lot of waste to dispose. This is when skips hire in Didcot comes in handy. Skips are large open containers used to store and dispose non-hazardous waste products. The skip hiring company delivers the skips to you and collects them when they are full.

Before you hire a skip, you need to consider some things:

* Amount of waste – This determines the size of the skip that you need. After you determine the amount of waste that you need to dispose of then you can estimate the size needed. Make sure you overestimate the amount of wastes. It is costly to underestimate the size of the skip required. If by any chance the skip is insufficient, then you would need to hire another one which is a waste of money.

* Consider the space – Do you have a place to put the skip? Does your garage have some extra space or anywhere around your compound? If you do not have space, the skip can be placed on the road. You will however need to get a permit from the local council before placing the skip on the road. Some companies dealing with skip hire in Didcot help you by offering permit application services to their clients.

* Know the waste to place in the skip – There is a limitation in the items that you can dispose through the skip method. Talk to the skip hire company to ascertain which products not to place in the skip. In most cases though, refrigerators, television sets, car batteries, toxic materials, medical wastes, tires, freezers and flammable material should not be placed in the skip.

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