Range Rover Evoque Car Hire in London, UK – An Overview of This SUV

Once upon a time, car hire services were very limited. Now, they are fairly broad, with companies everywhere expanding their fleet regularly to satisfy the needs of different customers. Whether you see yourself driving around in Land Rover’s best compact SUV in the near future or if you simply want to test out this new model’s urban driving features in the busy metropolis, Range Rover Evoque car hire in London, UK will be worth spending your money on. To determine if this is the right choice for you, take a moment to discover more about the trend-setting SUV.

Available Body Styles

A lot of people have taken a liking to this new vehicle model, due to the fact it comes in many different configurations. When you spend your money on Range Rover Evoque car hire in London, UK, you will be able to choose between the SE, SE Premium 4-door, SE Premium 2-door, HSE, HSE Dynamic 4-door and HSE Dynamic 2-door.

Nine-Speed Automatic Transmission

Fuel efficient and quick, the SUV is designed with an automatic transmission that has nine different speeds, of which you can try out once you arrange for Range Rover Evoque car hire in London, UK. The large number of gears offers a big fuel efficiency advantage for the driver and it also makes it easier to focus on what speeds you are hitting, resulting in better overall control of the vehicle.

Optional All-LED Headlights

It is the LED headlights that give this SUV its ultra-modern look. The headlights can be turned all-LED if you so wish, giving the motor a beasty appearance and you, better vision during foggy and dark conditions. Much cooler than normal light bulbs, these headlights will make the driving experience enjoyable when you get Range Rover Evoque car hire in London, UK.

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