Recycling is the Law in South Wales

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Waste Management

Recycling in South Wales has changed from a suggestion to the law and the laws are getting tougher and much more stringent. Recycling is something that everyone has to deal with because it is better for the community and for the planet. The “cost” of recycling varies depending on the type of goods you are recycling and who is providing the service. It does seem a bit counterintuitive that you have to pay for products and then you also have to pay for someone to dispose of them for you but it is the law and not complying could leave you with more expenses in the form of fines. Commercial properties are far more regulated than households when it comes to recycling so it is important that you utilise a service that will take care of the brunt of the work for you.

The Real Cost of Recycling

New laws were passed in 2015 that affects commercial property owners and businesses when it comes to recycling. These laws are put in place to help reduce, reuse and respect the environment. Disposing of waste properly and ensuring that the recycling measures are in place can be an additional burden on the building management team, having a service that can provide you with the tools than deal with the recycling for you will take some of the burden off.

There is a real cost that is associated with recycling BUT the cost of not recycling is much higher. The landfills are quickly filling up and waste is becoming harder to manage. Without the proper recycling the environment will suffer greatly as will the people that live in it. The cost of recycling really just comes down to turning it over to the right company while the cost of not recycling cannot be measured in dollars and cents. You can visit here to learn more.

Turn the Problem Over

A better option for dealing with the new recycling laws and the future ones is to turn it all over to a waste management service that keeps abreast of the laws. You can easily:

* Stay in compliance

* Help the environment

* Not have to worry

Turning your recycling over to a team that understands the laws and that keeps abreast of any changes will help to ensure that your business is always doing its part. It is an easier way to help the environment by allowing professionals to take the helm. You will never have to worry about the new laws again!

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