Signs that a Pet Needs Immediate Medical Care

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Veterinarian

A pet is someone whom you consider a part of your family. Your pet may not be able to talk to you using words, but your pet can communicate with you if something is wrong. You just have to be paying attention to what your pet is trying to say. Pets need love, affection, attention, and sometimes even medical care just like any other member of your family does. Here are a few things to look out for.

Having Unusual Accidents

One of the first tell-tale signs that your pet may need emergency medical care is if your pet is having accidents in the house. If your dog or cat has been trained for years and has never once had an accident in the house, you should take them to an emergency vet in Durham County if the accidents happen consistently. Often times when a pet is having accidents there can be shift in their personality as well, which should raise concern for you.

Your Pet is Having Seizures

Many pets will have seizures if something is seriously wrong with them. Your pet can’t flat out come out and tell you that they don’t feel well or they should go to the doctor, so it’s hard to self-diagnose your pet. However, a seizure is something that could be a very serious condition. Once your pet has a seizure, seek medical care immediately and you could very well be saving your pets life. You can visit here to get more information.

Change in Eating Habits

Animals often get into things that they shouldn’t around the house, especially trash. If your pet has eaten something, (a small toy, garbage, or anything else) that is causing pain and discomfort, take your pet to the emergency vet. There could be something stuck in your pet’s intestines and your pet could be in a lot of pain. This can go hand in hand with having accidents; eating something out of the ordinary could cause discomfort to the digestive system as well.

Pets are really not very different from children. They can’t always tell you what is wrong, but they can try to show you. A pet should be shown the same concern and consideration that you would show anyone else in your family. Just remember, you brought your pet home to live with you, which makes your pet a part of your family just like everyone else.

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