Signs your Garage Door Needs Repairs

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Garage Doors

Anyone who has a garage has used the garage door at least once a day. Whether it’s a convenient entrance and exit, or if you have something large you need to store in the garage, that you’d rather not lug through the house. However, rarely do we have to have its performance and condition inspected by a trained professional, much less repaired. We tend to only turn our attention to this giant, heavy, and potentially deadly sheet of metal when something goes wrong. This is a mistake, as you can discern. So, if you regularly use your garage doors in Exeter, here are the tell-tale signs to watch out for that you need to have it repaired.

#1. No opening or closing

This is the clearest, most obvious sign that something is wrong. You’re bound to notice it quickly and it tells you clearly that your garage door needs to be inspected and/or repaired as soon as possible, because now everything in your garage is just sitting there out in the open for someone to potentially steal or even get in the house. The main reasons this happens at all can be either attributed to misaligned sensors or faulty wiring, or even some other specific faults depending on the hardware you’re using.

#2. Noisy

You may think your garage door is noisy, but you haven’t heard what it sounds like when the hardware is loose, the rollers are worn, or the garage door opener itself is malfunctioning. If the sounds made by your garage as it opens, and closes make you want to run back inside and slam the door shut behind you in hopes of just muffling it as much as you can, then you may have one or more of the above mentioned issues and should hire a repairman before it actually breaks.

#3. Sagging sections

When not maintained, garage doors can sag over a long enough period. The best way to tell if this is an issue for you is to simply close the garage door and inspect the foot of the door. If you see that there are now large gaps underneath, then your door is in dire need of maintenance.

Proper maintenance of your garage door is nothing to turn up your nose at, especially if you keep your car in your garage. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the highly skilled team employed at G & T Garage Doors and Gates.

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