The Benefits of Electric Garage Doors in South Wales

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Garage Doors

Today’s electric garage doors in South Wales are more than convenient. They offer some really great features that provide great benefits to anyone that has them installed. Some of the benefits are very obvious like convenience and easy to use functions but there are some added benefits that are available today that can make life safer!

The Features are the Key to the Benefits

There have been some major improvements the last decade or so when it comes to electric garage doors. The benefits of these types of doors has been well documented. Here are some of the added benefits that you will find with new electric garage doors:

* Holiday mode

* Lighted entry

* Security benefits

* Comfort benefits

Many people are not aware that some systems come with a holiday mode option pre-programmed into their electric garage doors. This is a great benefit for when you are on holiday. You set the holiday mode before you leave and it disables most of the functions so no one can gain entry into your garage and consequentially your home when you have the holiday mode set. It is a nice way to have some peace of mind while you are on holiday. Electric doors are also nice when you are coming in after dark. The light inside the garage comes on automatically when the doors are opened and stays on long enough for you to get out of the car and get in the house. Today’s systems offer “rolling codes” which means that your doors cannot be opened by just anyone passing through. Once you have your doors closed they stay closed to everyone else but you and your family. Of course one of the key benefits is the comfort of not having to deal with popping in and out of the car to get in the garage. It can also help to keep your home more comfortable by creating a tight seal against the weather. Visit here for more information.

Upgrade Today

You can enjoy all the benefits that electric garage doors have to offer by either retrofitting or replacing your existing doors. It is something you will never regret doing. You deserve the added benefits of a home with easy to use, secure electric doors. It is a quick reasonable cost way to upgrade your home and add a bit of comfort.

You deserve the ease and comfort of electric garage doors in South Wales, and Access Garage Doors LTD can make it happen! Contact Access Garage Doors LTD for all of your garage door needs!

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