The importance of having an MOT certificate

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Wheels & Tyres

By law, every vehicle on the roads in the UK needs to have an MOT certificate. The testing required before this certificate is issued will check that the vehicle is roadworthy and is safe for the environment. If you’re a vehicle owner, you should ensure that you’re aware of all the rules of the road, and the laws that govern them – which would include the requirement for an MOT certificate. A new vehicle doesn’t require testing until the third year after it was initially licensed; but, thereafter, annual testing is required.

Should you ignore this law, and drive a vehicle without a certificate, you will be liable for a large fine. With records now being computerised, it is also much more difficult to get away with not having a certificate, as any roadblock will quickly reveal whether you are legally compliant or not. Another important factor is that the lack of an MOT certificate could compromise any insurance claim if you are involved in an accident – and this could hold true whether you were responsible for the accident or not. It will involve a cost to have your vehicle tested, or to have repairs done to ensure that the vehicle will pass the test, but this is the law of the land and will make your driving experience safer for you, your passengers, and others on the road.

Conducting MOT testing in Paignton

Should you be resident in Paignton, it is likely that you already have an established relationship with a local business that maintains your vehicle. Your first step would be to enquire whether this business is authorised to conduct MOT tests. If it is, this should save you a lot of time and effort, as the technicians who have been servicing your car should know exactly what its condition is, and should be able to carry out the test fairly quickly. If they’ve been servicing your vehicle well, there shouldn’t be much work that needs to be done to obtain the certificate. You can visit here to get more details.

Not every garage is able to conduct MOT tests. In order to become certified, their technicians will need to be fully trained and authorised by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency). Should your local garage not be an authorised tester, they might still be able to conduct an inspection and to give you an opinion as to what needs to be done on your vehicle. However, unless the technician is properly trained, it might transpire that there is further work that needs to be done before a certificate will be issued. This can be costly, as you are charged for each MOT test, whether your vehicle passes or fails.

It is essential for any vehicle owner to have MOT testing carried out on their vehicle. If you live in Paignton, you should contact Monnington Motors Ltd, who are accredited and have trained testers.

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