The Many Benefits of Double-Glazing

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Home Improvement

For most parts of the UK, having double-glazed windows in your building or home is a comfort-based necessity. However, if anyone is deterred because double-glazing is more expensive than having single panes, it is worth noting that the insulation provided by this form of glazing in doors and windows will more than pay for itself. Single pane windows are very good heat conductors, which is not what is wanted. Heat escapes easily through this glass in winter and enters the home to make it uncomfortably warm in summer.

Climate control is one of the highest cost items for a private home, and takes a hefty chunk of a commercial building’s budget as well. Fortunately, double glazing can cut energy bills by up to 50% and thus is more than cost effective.

Other Benefits of Double Glazing

It’s not just energy savings that makes double-glazing so essential in Berkshire. Because of the insulation between the two panes, noise pollution is also greatly reduced. In the UK many homes are situated in highly populated areas or along busy roads, and this form of glazing can greatly increase comfort levels by keeping the noise out. If you have teenagers who are playing loud music, double-glazing can also protect you from complaints from the neighbours!

Eliminate Condensation on Your Windows

Something many people dislike is having condensation on the windows during very cold weather, which restricts light and visibility. Double-glazing reduces this condensation by reflecting heat back into the room and keeping the inner pane warmer. Another plus with double-glazing is that both panes have to be well sealed in order to prevent the compressed gas from escaping. Windows are thus carefully fitted with rubber seals and this is an excellent measure against letting in draughts. While security is not usually uppermost in one’s mind when purchasing windows, it stands to reason that a thicker, double-glazed window is far safer as it’s a lot more difficult to break through. Click here to get more information.

Selecting your Double-Glazed Windows

Finding the right supplier to fit your windows with double-glazing in Berkshire shouldn’t be difficult if you look for a well-established organization that can offer references and a history of success. Not all windows are manufactured to equally high standards, and the quality of the window frame can affect overall insulation as well. When choosing your double-glazing supplier, look for someone who’s able to manufacture rapidly and is close enough for you to pop in and check on your pending delivery.

Direct glazing offers the highest quality double-glazed windows in the Berkshire area. Visit for additional information.

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