The Most Common Emergencies Dealt with By Vets in Durham

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Animal And Pets

A veterinarian career is very rewarding for the professional, because someone in this line of work will help poorly pets on a daily basis. Although there are certain situations that don’t turn out quite as the vet and pet owner would have hoped, most of the time medical and surgical treatment is successful. Even if your concern is minor, it’s important that you get in touch with vets in Durham if you suspect something is up with your fluffy companion. To help you decipher between contacting a normal vet and an emergency vet, take a look at some of the most frequently dealt with emergencies.

Trauma Incidents

There are many circumstances that may result in trauma, such as car accidents, being hit by a door, abuse, etc. Keep an eye out for the signs of pet trauma, so that you know whether or not it is worth visiting vets in Durham. Faster movement, lip licking, yawning and frozen movements will indicate that something is not quite right. A traumatised dog might be dealing with a brain injury, or might simply need a bit of TLC. The severity of the situation will depend on the circumstances surrounding it, so don’t overlook the importance of meeting with a vet who can better assess the animal’s health.

Breathing Difficulties

Breathing problems can occur for two reasons – the particular dog breed is susceptible to breathing problems or the animal has experienced an injury, illness or trauma that has affected breathing. Vets in Durham will first have to diagnose the problem before the animal can be treated. Signs of breathing difficulties include nostrils flaring open, shallow breaths and a rapid breathing rate. The causes are usually fever, foreign objects, heart failure or disease.

Allergic Reactions and Bites

Dogs can experience allergies just like their owners! Vets in Durham will detect an allergy by checking the animal’s skin, heart rate and eyes. Itchy, red eyes are a sign of an allergic reaction, as is increased scratching, vomiting, constant licking and scabbed skin. Pollen, trees, mould spores and fleas are just a few causes of allergic reactions to look out for. Vets also deal with bites on a regular basis. No matter how deep the bite is, it’s imperative that you see a vet to rule out the possibility of infection.

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