Time to Buy a New Furnace

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Plumbing

Homeowners are so busy that they probably do not even bother to check on their furnace until it is too late. Then there are times instead of having a few repairs taken care of, homeowners assume that they are going to have to purchase a brand new furnace. The first step in coming to this conclusion can only be determined by hiring a specialist in heating in Waterlooville to provide the proper maintenance on your furnace. Trying to determine these things on your own can lead to you purchasing things you simply do not need.

Do You Need a New Furnace?

There are very specific factors that will help you to determine whether or not you need to purchase a new furnace. For starters, if your furnace is between 15-20 years old and is causing you problems, it would be a wise investment to purchase a new furnace. You could have repairs performed on it but if your furnace is not going to last very long, then chances are you should not invest extra money into it. It would be wise to just purchase a new one, especially if you have already invested a great deal of money on other repairs.

You also may have noticed that your heating bill keeps getting higher. There are several problems that can cause your bill to rise at a rapid rate. You will want to make sure that your air ducts have been sealed properly. If they are not, then this could be the reason that your heating bill is increasing. Thermostat problems can also cause your heating bill to go up. If your thermostat is not reading the temperature it could be misreading it which could keep your furnace running when it doesn’t need to be. This could cause your heating bill to rise tremendously. You can click here to learn more.


Talk to your heating professional to find out some different ways that you can save on your heating bill. One way is to make sure that they come and check out that it is working properly working at least once a year. This is the best way to not only keep your family comfortable, but safe as well. Once you find a professional that fits your needs you are sure to have someone that you can rely on for many years to come. You may just need a few small repairs as opposed to a whole new furnace.

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