Top Signs it’s Time to Get Your Audi Serviced

If you drive an Audi, then you know the value of quality and drive with pride and sophistication. Audi car servicing in Newton Abbott can keep your vehicle in top shape. You might think because you have a high-end car, it doesn’t need servicing as often; in fact, it’s very important to ensure your Audi gets the care it needs.

Here are some signs that your car is in need of some TLC:


Do your brakes squeal when you apply them? Do you have to press down further than normal to stop safely? Those could be tell-tale signs that your brakes need service. If your brake pads don’t get changed out on a regular basis, your rotors could also be damaged, which will end up costing you more money.


Your wipers get a good workout in the pouring rain, sleet and snow. When debris gets underneath it can smear your windshield and wear the rubber down. These should be changed at least once a year to ensure you’ll be able to see through your windshield without smearing.


Do your tires squeal when you go around corners, even at slow speeds? Do you hear odd squealing noises coming from the engine? This is not normal and having it checked out will prevent the problem from getting worse. A professional mechanic can diagnose the problem and fix it immediately. If your tires are worn, those can be rotated and replaced.

Noisy Muffler

Does your car sound like a jet engine? It could be time to have the exhaust system checked. Holes in your exhaust and muffler are not only inconvenient and noisy, they can cause you to get a fine. Have this checked by a mechanic sooner rather than later.

Regular Audi car servicing in Newton Abbott will keep your car running smoothly for years to come. Browse site for more information.

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