Unveiling the Myths on Leather Repair

Are you wondering how to fix your damaged leather furniture? There are many myths on how to repair damaged leather but unfortunately; the leather repair myths damage the leather more. The reason why many people fall into the trap of believing the myths is because there is a lot of misinformation about leather repair remedies.

To start with, you should keep away from products with acetone and alcohol as they damage the leather. Before you use any product for leather repair in Glasgow, check if it has any of the two products and use it only if it does not have the products.

Some of the products that you should avoid include;

Window cleaner – Many people classify window cleaners and Windex as harmless cleaners but they are not. The cleaners are mild but they contain alcohol so do not use them to repair damaged leather.

Hair spray – Avoid using it for two reasons; its sticky nature attracts dust to the area and leaves the dirty place vulnerable to more stains and hair spray contains alcohol which damages leather.

Markers – It is almost impossible to find a marker with the same colour as a leather seat as most original leather seats have a marble looking finish which is difficult to conceal using a marker.

Nail polish remover – Fingernail polish contains acetone so you should not use it to remove stains from the leather. If you use the remover, it will remove all colour from the area where you apply it on the leather.

Shoe polish – It is important for you to note that the leather on your shoes and that on your furniture are different. You cannot use shoe polish for lather repair in Glasgow for your furniture as the polish will not be absorbed as well as it is absorbed by leather shoes.

You do not have to use harmful ways to repair your leather when it gets damaged, contact us immediately for professional leather repairs at Nu‐Rest Re‐upholstery.

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